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Eclipse IDE: Get Ubuntu AppMenu And HUD Support

By default, the popular Eclipse IDE does not support the Ubuntu AppMenu or  HUD. The reason for this is that Eclipse has been blacklisted so it wouldn’t use the AppMenu around the time of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat because it didn’t work back then.Now Eclipse does work with the AppMenu, however, there are some minor glitches like some menu shortcuts not being displayed (although they do work). If this isn’t a problem for you, here’s a quick way to whitelist Eclipse so it can make use of Ubuntu’s Appmenu and HUD.Below you can see Eclipse IDE with global menu and HUD support running in Ubuntu 13.04:HUD and AppMenu support for Eclipse IDE in UbuntuThe ideal solution would be to rebuilt AppMenu from source with Eclipse whitelisted by default, but since that’s considered complicated by most users, here’s an easier solution.The instructions below should work with any Ubuntu version. 1. To get Ubuntu AppMenu (global menu) and HUD support for Eclipse IDE, we’ll have to whitelist it so we’ll hve to modify the GTK2 libappmenu.so file. To find out the exact GTK2 libappmenu.so path (the path can vary depending on the Ubuntu version you’re using and architecture), firstly run the following command:sudo

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