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Canonical Commits to Regular Updates for Ubuntu Cloud

One of the nice things about Ubuntu, generally speaking, is that its update and release cycles are very predictable and reliable. Ubuntu Cloud Images, however, have long been an exception. But that has now changed with the announcement of updates for the cloud-ready versions of Ubuntu that will follow a more regular pattern — or, at least, a less irregular one.
As Canonical engineer Ben Howard explained, Ubuntu developers will now push out new Ubuntu Cloud Images following updates to the Linux kernel. Those latter updates don’t appear according to a rigid cycle, but generally come downstream from the kernel developers about once a month. The cloud versions of Ubuntu therefore will, in turn, be rebuilt every three or four weeks to incorporate the latest stable versions of their respective kernels.
While this policy still leaves a bit of unpredictability in the Ubuntu Cloud Image update cycle, it is a significant improvement over prior practice. Until now, Ubuntu developers updated the cloud images only on an ad-hoc basis, whenever they felt a patch was significant enough to merit rebuilding the platforms. From here on out, end users will be able to count on updates about once a month, and rest assured that

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