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Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser Plugin Sees New Release

CoverArt Browser, a Rhythmbox plugin to browse and play music using an album art view, has been updated to version 0.7, getting some new features as well as improvements which should make the plugin start a lot faster.The plugin isn’t the simple cover art browser it was the last time we wrote about it. Since then, fossfreedom and Agustín Carrasco have worked very hard to improve it and CoverArt Browser has got many new features, including a tracks & covers pane which displays the tracks for the selected album under the cover art browser, an enhanced search that can be used to search all fields and not just the album name, an option to display album and artist name under the covers, playlist and ratings support and others.Changes in the latest Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser plugin 0.7 include:find & display embedded covers in MP3, M4A, FLAC & Ogg files;optional coverart search from Discogs Internet service;configurable shadow effect behind cover display;iconised filter & sort buttons that change icon depending upon option chosen;brand new icons designed explicitly to the coverart browser plugin;one click open and close track view for a cover;plugin code refactored – much faster to start and display without any flashing

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