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Tomorrow: Ubuntu Developer Week

Tomorrow, 29th January, will see the start of Ubuntu Developer Week, the best opportunity this cycle to get involved in Ubuntu Development. We will have a variety of sessions around, all having to do with how Ubuntu is put together and how you can help out and get involved. Here a few examples of topics covered:

Ubuntu Development and Packaging (introduction, get set up, working with upstreams, patch systems, cross-building, and many more)
Automated Testing strategies
Fixing memory leaks, using u1db, Unity Integration and App development

Join in and ask all the questions you have, get to know some of Ubuntu’s developers and make new friends.
Check out our timetable – there will surely be something of interest for you too! Join in tomorrow!
Here are some of the fine people who are going to take you on a tour through Ubuntu Development:
Alex Chiang
Nicholas Skaggs
Benjamin Drung
Bhavani Shankar
David Planella
Michael Hall
Chris Wilson
Oliver Grawert
Martin Pitt
Stefano Rivera

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