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Reports Emerge About Samsung Notebooks Bricking Through UEFI Linux Boots

Ever since Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS arrived, many Linux users have been asking which distribution they can download and install that will just work out of the box on their new certified Windows 8 machines. That’s been a difficult question to answer, thanks to the whole UEFI Secure Boot BIOS implementation found in Windows 8 machines, which prompted last year’s post "Will Windows 8 Lock Linux Out of PCs?" The Linux Foundation and others have been slow about delivering solutions to the problem, but some Linux distributions have appeared that provide a reliable workaround. Now, though, there are reports that Samsung machines–which are popular among Windows 8 users–can be completely bricked if you attempt to boot just a single time via UEFI into Linux. I myself inherited a Samsung Windows 8 machine that I’m running Linux on, but doing so through virtual machines. I’ve been following the issues with UEFI Secure Boot and Windows 8 closely. As The H Open reports, there are cases where users attempting to put Linux on their Samsung Windows 8 machines are completely bricking them: "Booting Linux using UEFI just once on various Samsung laptops is enough to permanently stop them working. Several

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