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Dropbox Uploader Bash Script: Useful For Servers, Raspberry Pi And More

Dropbox Uploader is a bash script you can use to access your Dropbox files from the command line, without having to install the Dropbox client. The script can upload, download, delete, share or list the files available in your Dropbox account.The script is useful in many situations, including: automatic backups, access Dropbox from an ARM server / Raspberry Pi, etc. (since Dropbox isn’t available for ARM). That’s because its only requirement is cURL, so you don’t have to install the Dropbox client to quickly upload or download some files from Dropbox.Dropbox Uploader isn’t just for Linux and it should work on Mac OSX, FreeBSD or Windows/Cygwin too. Also, since it uses the official Dropbox API for the authentication process, you don’t have to enter your username and password and you can easily revoke its access to your account from the Dropbox website.The first time your run the script, you must create a Dropbox app and allow the script to access your Dropbox account. Simply run ./dropbox_uploader.sh and follow the steps: create a Dropbox App, enter the application key and secret, select if you want to give the script full Dropbox access or just for the app folder and in the

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