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Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Changes: Memory Improvements, Two New Default Indicators

The work to “make Ubuntu fit on mobile” has advantages for the desktop users and recently, some changes have landed in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail (currently under development) which should reduce the memory used by some default packages.For instance, a recent GTK3 update comes with a patch to “only load CSS image data when needed, saving a substantial amount of memory”. Other such changes include:several memory leaks have been fixed for libdbusmenu, update-notifier, upower, whoopsie and more;LightDM PPS has dropped from 25.7M to 0.6M;some processes were changed to exit-on-idle and be restarted-on-demand rather than running all the time (signond, signon-ui);some GNOME Settings Daemon plugins were turned off by default for the desktop (and even more for the Nexus setup);GNOME Online Accounts is no longer installed by default since it’s not used by Unity (it’s only required by GNOME Shell);code optimization in several desktop services.According to the Ubuntu Devel mailing list, the memory optimizations performed for Nexus (which include the desktop components mentioned above) has resulted in a drop for the idle memory usage from 600M to 400M. The change probably isn’t so drastic for the desktop, but it’s nevertheless an important step in the right direction.Besides these under-the-hood changes, there

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