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GNOME Switching to JavaScript?

Floating out in newsfeeds today was an interesting tidbit by John Palmieri who said, "So GNOME finally chose an official language and it is JavaScript." Now I’m not a developer, but everytime I encounter JavaScript it’s causing problems. Is this a good idea for GNOME? Palmieri shares why he thinks this was a good idea and, in fact, sounds a bit excited. He said, "JavaScript is the best choice going forward for a lightweight glue language between the great C libraries that the GNOME project has produced." He says it’s good just have a concensus to cut down on confusion and conflicts. Palmieri is a Python guy but concedes, "I have also come to recognize there are times when even languages I may not be fond of are a better fit for a particular problem space. Like it or not, JavaScript is pervasive and really is the way forward for rapid development in GNOME." Travis Reitte explains why JavaScript was chosen as the language for new GNOME applications. "C will remain the recommended language for system libraries."   * Our language of choice needs to be dynamic and high level.   * There is already momentum in the GNOME Project

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