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flareGet Is A Great Download Manager For Linux

flareGet is download manager for Linux that features dynamic file segmentation, HTTP-pipelining for accelerated downloads, supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and metalinks and more. The application is free to use but not open-source.The application is written in Qt and besides the icons, it integrates pretty well under GNOME, including desktop notifications and an AppIndicator for Unity.flareGet features:HTTP-Pipelining;Dynamic File Segmentation – supports up to 32 segments per download;Auto Segmentation: When one segment ends, it starts another segment to help terminate another segment more fast;Flash video support for “most sites and all browsers”;Resume support;Clipboard monitoring so download links are added automatically, without having to copy/paste the links;Can limit number of downloads;Batch downloads support;Smart scheduler;File management: it automatically categorizes downloaded files by extension: application, document, video, audio, images, etc.;Besides the features above, flareGet users can also get enhanced browser integration (with all major browsers supported: Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Opera), however, this feature is not free and costs $10.To download Flash videos (I’ve only tested it with YouTube and Firefox and I can confirm it works), click “Grabber” in the flareGet toolbar, then when you start playing a flash video in your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera), a flareGet popup should be displayed

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