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Keith Curtis Questions GNOME JavaScript Path

Yesterday I wondered if using JavaScript was a good idea for building new GNOME applications. I couldn’t speak to viability on the programming side, but have always experienced crashing and bad performance anytime anything required JavaScript. Well, today someone with an arsenal of respect in the coding game offers up concrete reasons to question GNOME’s decision. Keith Curtis, perhaps best known as the author of After the Software Wars, today blogged about his reservations. His first statement is enough to worry all users of GNOME hoping for a dynamic desktop suite to rival KDE. He said, "It is great that they are using a garbage-collected language for as much code as possible. I think it is worth re-considering whether they are on the right path." Garbage-collected language sounds pretty dubious for end-users. His first concern is the tyranny of the meeting-based decisions – leaving out many high ranking and/or respected contributors. He called it the "tyranny by a self-selected cabal." He further states that Python is the best choice because it is more universally used by developers all across Linux. Curtis’ example is that the Mint-Debian repository currently has "1809 Python packages, and 301 for Javascript." He ends the narrative

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