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Ubuntu Smartphones From Samsung: Targeting BlackBerry 10 In October?

Canonical’s promise to create an Ubuntu smartphone market will become a reality in October 2013. That’s when the first Ubuntu smartphones will arrive, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said today. Now here’s the big twist: For developers, the smartphone operating system is optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus — perhaps suggesting that Samsung plans to back the mobile open source operating system. Still, The VAR Guy remains skeptical. Here’s why.
Shuttleworth apparently was in New York this week, speaking with The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets. According to The Journal:

Ubuntu smartphones will be available to customers beginning in October 2013.
Application developers will have access to the smartphone operating system, optimized for the Galaxy Nexus, in late February 2013.
Ubuntu will be able to run the same core applications across tablets, smartphones and

But how will Ubuntu smartphones hope to compete against Apple iOS (iPhones) and Google Android devices? One potential scenario, which The 451 Group LLC offered to The Journal, involves Ubuntu smartphones winning in heavily regulated industries, and “very security-conscious organizations, and where IT still have control over which devices people bring to work.”
Um, that sounds like BlackBerry’s territory. Indeed, BlackBerry devices caught on in the government, financial and health care markets

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