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How To Enable The New KDE 4.10 Appmenu (Title Bar Button Or Top Screen Menubar)

With the latest 4.10 version, KDE can now use an appmenu instead of the classic menu, and two styles are available: a menu bar at the top of the screen that’s hidden by default and revealed on mouse over or a menu button on the window decoration:Appmenu as a titlebar buttonTop screen menubarThe appmenu works with GTK applications too – here’s Nautilus (GTK3) running in KDE 4.10 with appmenu enabled:Appmenu for KDE has been available for a while (in fact we wrote about an initial implementation HERE), but it wasn’t integrated by default until the latest KDE SC 4.10.The option to enable the new KDE 4.10 appmenu is a bit hard to discover, so here’s how to do it.To use an appmenu in KDE 4.10, firstly make sure appmenu-qt is installed. In Kubuntu, install it using:sudo apt-get install appmenu-qtFor GTK applications, you’ll also need to install the following packages:sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk3 and appmenu-gtkAlso, to avoid getting double menus (both in the application window and as a titlebar button / top menubar) for GTK3 applications, you’ll also have to edit the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file (or create it if it doesn’t exist):kate ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.iniAnd under “[Settings]” (if the file didn’t exist, add “[Settings]”

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