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Ubuntu User Days Wrap-up

On February 9-10th we hosted our 7th Ubuntu User Days!

Logs from all sessions are now available:

Introduction to User Days by JoseeAntonioR
Introduction to Ubuntu by JoseeAntonioR
Unity and the Dash by LionThinker
Introduction to Firefox by JoseeAntonioR
Equivalent Programs by holstein
Multimedia and Multimedia Centers (video) by bobweaver
Installing Software in Ubuntu by epikvision
Accessibility Applications by AlanBell
Ubuntu Flavors: Xubuntu and Lubuntu by amjjawad and pleia2
Ubuntu Community Roundtable by pleia2 and JoseeAntonioR
Using Launchpad by JoseeAntonioR
How to get help in Ubuntu by philipballew
How to solve a problem – Ask Ubuntu! through Launchpad by cprofitt

We are very thankful to our instructors and attendees who made the work of this last weeks worthwhile, we feel very proud of all of them. Congratulations!
The Spanish Classroom team also hosted a User Day on February 9th, el Día del Usuario Ubuntu.

Logs for the 6 sessions they hosted can be found in their wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiaDelUsuarioUbuntu
¡Felicitaciones por el buen trabajo, muchachos!
I really hope you enjoyed this User Days, and that all the shared knowledge is useful to you. Again, a huge thanks from all the Classroom team, and stay tuned so you make sure you learn something new every day!
Originally posted here on Sunday Feb 10 4:58 UTC 2013 by José Antonio Rey

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