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Recent Linux Happenings: openSUSE, ROSA, and Frugalware

A few recent happenings have passed that are worthy of note. openSUSE recently put out a release candidate featuring the new KDE 4.10. Frugalware released version 1.8 last week, primarily a bug fix release. A GNOME version of ROSA 2012 was released today as well, featuring GNOME 3.6.2. ROSA 2012 "Desktop Fresh GNOME" Contributors Denis Koryavov and Arkady Shane are given the credit for wrangling a GNOME version of ROSA out of the community for release today. And for our convenience a table of differences was provided, which happens to nicely summarize its features as well: ROSA 2012 KDE GNOME Desktop environment Plasma Desktop 4.9.5 GNOME 3.6.2 Internet browser Mozilla Firefox Chromium Browser Mail client Mozilla Thunderbird Evolution Audioplayer Amarok Audacious Instant messenger Kopete Empathy File manager Dolphin Nautilus Text editor KWrite Gedit Terminal Konsole GNOME Terminal PDF/DJVU viwer Okular Evince

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