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The Open Source Phones Are Upon Us

                    In a 2010 post here on OStatic, I asked this question:  "Is It Too Late for an Open Source Challenge to Android?" And in a follow-up post a few weeks ago, I discussed the impending arrival of a slew of mobile phones based on Firefox OS and Ubuntu. Now, there are even more concrete signs that we are going to see heavy competition among open mobile operating systems this year. Not ony have Firefox OS-based phones arrived (seen above), but Ubuntu phones are coming faster than many people thought they would. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, based on a conversation with Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, that Ubuntu phones will ship in October. If you thought Ubuntu phones might only appeal to consumer fans of open source, the market for them looks much wider. As The Journal reports: "The smartphones can be docked to larger displays, wirelessly connected to keyboards and other peripherals, and have Windows-based applications streamed to them from corporate servers. This would mean users could access all manner of corporate data through a single, pocket-sized device. ‘You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop,’ said

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