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Are Linux Tablets Still on the Way?

If you’re a Linux user, and if you like tablets, it’s hard to say whether these are the best of times or the worst of times. While some initiatives to put Linux on tablets appear to be making steady progress, other open source projects in this vein have stagnated or disappeared. Read on for an update on where Linux currently stands in this niche, and the direction in which it might be headed.
2012 suggested a bright future for Linux on tablets. As I wrote last March, the Vivaldi Tablet promised to bring real, genuine Linux–not Android–to tablet hardware. At the same time, work including KDE’s Plasma Active interface was in the midst of developing a more tablet-friendly desktop environment that could serve many open source projects. Then, last fall, Canonical’s dash into the tablet space with a commitment to making Ubuntu run on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet inspired even more hope within the Linux community.
Hopes, Dreams and Realities
Today, that hope hasn’t entirely dissipated. But neither has it ascended beyond the realm of experimentation and proofs-of-concept. Instead, the current status of the initiatives discussed above has changed little from last year:

The Vivaldi tablet has yet to announce a public launch date.

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