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Three Good Ways to Start Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi

As we’ve reported, the diminutive $25/$35 Linux computer dubbed Raspberry Pi has continued to attract developers and tinkerers, has its very own app store, and is showing up in multiple types of project and usage cases. The Raspberry Pi has become a very interesting story in a short amount of time, and there are also a number of notable guides and tutorials–many of them free and some of them video-based–that can help you get started with the Pi. Here are three excellent resources for getting started. A Good Guide for Educators and Teachers. Previously, we reported that the Raspberry Pi Education Manual is available. A group of teachers produced it, taking note of the fact that the Raspberry Pi could have a bright future in the educational system. The manual is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 unported licence, which means you can download it and copy it, but can’t sell it. An Official Guide.  Now, there is an official guide to the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, from O’Reilly and the folks behind Make. According to the book description, you can get instruction on the following in the guide: 1) Get acquainted with hardware

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