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Sabayon Linux 11 Released

Sabayon 11 was released earlier today. There were some hints even to the most aloof user in some recent updates that a new release was coming, as Sabayon is designed to function as a rolling release distribution. But for those wishing a fresh install or for those who’ve never tried Sabayon, shiny new version 11 is here with fresh packages. Sabayon now supports UEFI Well, actually Sabayon has been working on this for a while, but with version 11 "x86_64 live images can boot and install on {U,}EFI only systems through GRUB bootloader." Fabio Erculiani, Sabayon founder, further explains by saying, "While we debate the way SecureBoot is implemented and its key management governed, we decided to make Sabayon bootable on systems where SecureBoot is enabled, through shim-signed, by Matthew Garrett." Be sure to see the announcement for more information. Package Management Erculiani also says that the package management system has seen some rewrites and improvements. Specifically, "a whole new set of keyboard accelerators has been implemented" in Rigo and in Equo now "every sub-command has built-in support for bash completion and man pages." Equo has actually been rewritten and now has several other new features, but the commandline operation

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