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This Week in Linux: Mageia, *Ubuntu, and Korora

Several cool Linux items have popped up this week that deserved a mention. Someone over at Mageia is quite excited about the formation of a new documentation team. Just in case one person out there missed it, the Ubuntu family of distros released developemental versions of their upcoming 13.04s and the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS got an update. And for some strange reason, Chris Smart changed the name of Kororaa Linux to Korora Project. Mageia Documentation Team Someone who I think is Marja van Waes posted with such enthusiasm of the new documentation team, you could actually hear it. Waes is apparently a big help over there at Mageia because the name shows up all the place. It looks like she’s at least in on some bug hunting "squad," listed as chair of meetings often, and is the contact for the Documentation Team. "Mageia’s documentation team is responsible for creating and maintaining the documentation to enable you to explore Mageia in more depth." They are "preparing official help pages for the installer and the Mageia Control Center" which "will also be accessible inline from the help menus," as well as a reference wiki. But they need help. If you’re interested in

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