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Dota 2 Game To Be Available Natively On Linux?

Dota 2 is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Valve. The game is currently available for early test access purchase and will be free-to-play when released.Matthew Bailey (@Cyborgmatt), who seems to be close to Valve and Dota 2, has recently posted the following tweet:Time to get my TF2 Linux Penguin! puu.sh/23oyQ – Interested? Details here: teamfortress.com/linux/ #TF2 #Steam #Linux— Matthew Bailey (@Cyborgmatt) February 16, 2013In the first link, there’s a Steam for Linux screenshot (image above) with “Dota 2” showing up in the sidebar. Since the game isn’t grayed out, it means that it’s installed so Dota 2 is probably in the process of being ported to Linux.A few users have asked if Dota 2 will indeed be available on Linux, but Matthew did not reply. But since Dota 2 uses the Source engine, like Counter-Strike: Source, which is already available for Linux, it is likely, also considering the above screenshot, that Dota 2 will be available natively on Linux. Exciting times ahead!Thanks to Timex for the tip!
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