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What Does the FOSS Community Need?

What does the FOSS community really need? We’ve tackled that question from a few different angles here on OStatic. We’ve pondered whether Linux could benefit from a united, community fund and wondered whether the FOSS community simply needs better evangelists. On Slashdot today, there is a lively discussion going on about what the FOSS world needs.  Some of the ideas from readers are off the cuff, like this one: "Better hygiene. Less beards. More women." Quite a few of the idea are good, though. One discussion participant notes that "documentaion practices suck." And indeed, if you ask many IT administrators why they don’t adopt FOSS software, they’ll cite poor documentation and lack of support. "If you want to learn a lot about code, really help out the community, and get a lot of love, write some documentation for other people’s code," adds another discussion participant. Among other suggestions from the commnity there are these: "The OS/2 community is in need of open source clone for our beloved OS." "We need a database that keeps track of FL/OSS community needs." "The free software world needs a good video editor." Actually, the Free Software Foundation maintains a list

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