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Dell Expands Ubuntu Developer Laptop to Europe

Linux fans in Europe have reason to celebrate this week with Dell’s announcement that its “Sputnik” XPS 13 laptop powered by Ubuntu, which the company released in the United States in December 2012, is now available on the other side of the ocean as well. As a bonus, Dell has added some hardware upgrades to the laptop for all markets. Read on for the full scoop.
The Sputnik laptop has generated a lot of headlines in the open-source world since Dell announced the initiative last year. It renewed hopes that the company, whose commitment to the line of Ubuntu-powered desktops and laptops it had launched in 2007 seemed by some measures to be waning, might reinvigorate its efforts to sell computers with Linux preinstalled. And it also got people excited about a high-power laptop designed to meet the needs of developers working on software to run in the cloud.
It turns out that Project Sputnik is not actually closely linked to Dell’s other initiatives on the desktop-Linux front. Still, the news on Monday that Dell had expanded sales of the machine to Europe is a sign that it remains committed to the Sputnik initiative, and to expanding its open-source offerings beyond North

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