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Unity Gets New Quicklists Window Switching Feature [Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail]

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail: Unity has been updated today and besides many bug fixes, the update brings a new feature which allows users to switch between multiple windows of an application using quicklists:Right clicking an icon in the launcher to easily switch between open windows isn’t a new idea and a while back, we wrote about a script that does the same thing, but with some limitations.The maximum width of the window switching quicklists is restricted to 300px and longer window titles are ellipsized at the end. Also, the entries only show up if there are two or more windows; if the application has only one window, nothing is displayed, except for the regular quicklists of course.Here are a few more screenshots with the new quicklists window switching feature for Nautilus and Gedit:This seems to be the first part of the work to improve window management / window switching in Ubuntu. According to a bug report, it looks like Unity might also get support for switching between windows by scrolling on the application icon. Besides the new quicklists window switching feature, the latest Unity comes with many bug fixes for multiple monitors and more. Also, the workspace switcher icon is

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