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Can Ubuntu ‘Converge’ Across Phones, TVs, PCs and Tablets?

A year ago, I was about ready to write off Ubuntu as a Linux distribution for end users — and I did for a while, when I switched to Linux Mint. (I’ve since learned to love Ubuntu again.) Today, though, Canonical appears committed to pursuing the consumer market with renewed vigor, targeting not just desktops but also tablets, smartphones and TVs as part of what some representatives are framing as a the “Ubuntu convergence story.” Will it succeed?
When I moved away from Ubuntu last year, it was due mostly to dissatisfaction with the Unity interface. Although Unity had some promise, especially for bridging traditional desktop Linux to other types of devices, I didn’t have the patience to wait around for it to grow up. Fast forward to the present, however, and Unity is finally quite usable (although I confess that, even on my Ubuntu 12.10 desktop, I usually run GNOME, which I just like more), helping to restore my faith in Canonical’s ability to succeed over the longterm even in areas where it comes up short at first.
Meanwhile, Canonical has also made some huge leaps over the last several months toward conquering non-traditional hardware devices. I admit that, when Mark

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