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Ubuntu Developer Summits Now Online and Every Three Months

From the beginning of the Ubuntu project the Ubuntu community has discussed, designed, and planned each release of Ubuntu at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), which happens every six months at the beginning of a new release cycle.
The event, organized and funded by Canonical, is designed to get the brightest minds in the Ubuntu community together and develop a rigorous set of blueprints and work items for the forthcoming release of Ubuntu. These blueprints are tracked openly in Launchpad and work items tracked openly at http://status.ubuntu.com.
UDS has had a long culture of openness and transparency, including remote participation features, but Canonical wants to continue improving and refining the openness and accessibility of the event. Furthermore, we also want to open the opportunity for those to participate who cannot travel physically to the event, particularly those who can bring specialist experience and expertise across the convergent goals of Ubuntu across the client and cloud orchestration in the server. Finally with the change and evolution of Ubuntu and the increasing diversity of experience joining the Ubuntu community, we want to be able to have community-wide discussions more often than every six months.
With these goals in mind the Ubuntu Developer Summit is transitioning

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