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Every Install Should Be Minimal

It used to be a bit of an art to strip down Red Hat or CentOS down to the absolute minimum needed for a server install. I’ve ranted at length about how the default install for servers included a full blown Gnome desktop, including games. Thankfully, CentOS 6 has a special iso download, which I feel is built specially for me, called the Minimal install. After installing this image a few times, I’m convinced that every Linux install should be a minimal install. By default, if all options are selected with default values during the installer process, you boot into a system with a mere 85 processes running. Browsing through the output of ps -eaf, I see that most of the processes are system-level processes, the rpc daemons, presumably for NFS, a syslog daemon, and of course, sshd. The installer created a LVM setup with a single volume group and a single logical volume, of which it is using 694M. A listing of /etc/init.d/ shows 31 services installed, none of which I would consider out of place. Maybe it’s just a tad bit OCD, but it bothers me to no end when software is installed unnecessarily. Server setups

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