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AppIndicator Support For GNOME Shell With A New Extension

A new extension adds Ubuntu Unity-like AppIndicator support for GNOME Shell, a feature for which some patches were submited more than a year ago, but they were rejected because the feature “conflicts with the design”.AppIndicators have are widely used now, with Ubuntu disabling the message tray (systray) by default, and popular applications like Dropbox or Steam come with AppIndicator support by default.AppIndicator support for GNOME Shell is a GNOME Shell extension, which, like the name says, integrates AppIndicators into GNOME Shell and it’s based on the original patches I’ve mentioned above, created by Giovanni Campagna.The extension is a bit rough on the edges, but it generally works well and is basically the same as in Unity, but using GNOME Shell’s theming / style.In my short test, there was only one AppIndicator that didn’t work: ClassicMenu Indicator, which is probably related to its multiple submenus, but other than that, all the AppIndicators that I’ve tried worked as expected, and I’ve tried quite a few, including Steam, Calendar Indicator, Skype (which uses sni-qt as it doesn’t come with AppIndicator support by default – this is used by all Qt apps), Psensor, Caffeine, Everpad, Variety, My Weather Indicator and Dropbox. Even the Ubuntu

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