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Steam February Survey Stats: Linux Market Share Has Almost Doubled Compared To January

Valve has published the Steam monthly Hardware & Software Survey stats for February and they reveal a considerable increase of Linux users, compared to last month.Steam survey: OS usage stats for February 2013 (the survey is optional)For February, the number of Steam users running Linux has almost doubled compared to January: 2.02% (January stats have revealed that 1.12% of Steam’s users run Linux). This, however, shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Steam for Linux was recently added to the Ubuntu Software Center. And the number will most probably increase in the coming months.2.02% may not seem like much compared to Windows, but compared to MacOS with 3.07%, Linux is looking very good. And speaking of Linux and MacOS, recently, the Defender’s Quest Steam Linux sale results were made public, revealing that Linux users have made 16% of the sales, while MacOS users only 6%, showing once again that Linux shouldn’t be underestimated.According to the survey stats, the most used Linux distribution is Ubuntu 12.10 64bit (0.71%), followed by Ubuntu 12.10 32bit (0.19%) and Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 64bit (0.31%). In total, Ubuntu accounts for 1.71% of the whole Steam OS market share, followed by Linux Mint (which, by the way,

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