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Mir + Unity QML + Unity APIs = Unity

A guest post from Olli Ries’s blog. Olli is the Engineering Director for Unity and Display Server at Canonical:
It all sounds good in theory…
Not too long ago, Mark communicated the vision for Ubuntu and Unity for 2013 as “[…] Unity in 2013 will be all about mobile – bringing Ubuntu to phones and tablets […]” and my team is responsible for taking Unity to these hardware platforms.
What you should expect to see during this year is an overhaul of Unity in order to power a wide variety of display sizes (think phone to tablet to desktop to TV to…), input methods (touch screens & on screen keyboards, traditional keyboards & pointer devices, voice, and whatever else Tony Stark makes us think of [*]), CPUs & GPUs, external peripherals and everything else we expect from a modern OS.
Looking closer at the problem ambitious goal, we had to take a few interesting decisions how we possibly would get to where we want to be.
Today Unity (the rendering part of it) runs as a plugin in Compiz which sits on top of X and is a recurring source of frustration on the developer-, design- and finally also on the user side as a

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