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Ubuntu To Use Its Own Display Server Called Mir, Unity To Be Ported To Qt/QML

According to a recent announcement, Ubuntu will use its own Display Server called Mir, replacing X window server. The reason for this is that “none of the existing solutions would allow us to implement our vision without taking major compromises which would come at the cost of user experience and quality”. Mir, a display server that works across desktop and mobileMir will provide a graphics stack that works across different platforms and it will firstly replace SurfaceFlinger for the Phablet images and will eventually make it on the desktop.Mir will use its own compositor that will take care of applying effects and render the application and shell surfaces on the screen and it will support multiple GPUs running in the same system. The MirSPec page mentions that it should support seamless transition between GPUs so maybe with this we’ll finally get proper Optimus support on Linux.If you’re wondering what will happen to existing applications that require X, Mir has that covered and it will come with support for legacy X applications. Further more, there’s no need of porting XUL and GTK3 (and obviously, Qt/QML) applications because the Ubuntu developers will work on providing Mir integration for these toolkits.Unity to be

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