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Rackspace's OpenCenter Underscores the Need for Simpler Cloud Tools

In the world of open source, cloud computing platforms have taken center stage so far this year, with OpenStack, CloudStack and other players grabbing headlines everywhere. But Citrix and others have made the point that despite all the press and hubbub, actual adoption of some of the headline-makers lags the buzz. That’s why it’s significant that Rackspace this week made a big deal of its new OpenCenter offering, which it bills as "a single interface for deploying, configuring and operating clouds at scale in an enterprise datacenter." This kind of tool focused on ease-of-use for IT administrators is what’s needed in the open cloud. Rackspace built OpenCenter from scratch, and it’s a graphical front end to the company’s OpenStack-based private cloud platform. OpenCenter "provides API or point-and-click deployment and management of high availability environments for the OpenStack controller nodes, improving up-time and reducing business risk," according to the company. It’s also notable that it automates and eases the process of running many host operating systems in a private cloud, including Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. In case it isn’t clear to everyone, the future of Linux is closely tied to the future of open source

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