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Unity To Get New Shutdown Dialogs, Scroll To Switch Between Windows Feature [Video]

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail: it looks like two interesting changes will land in Unity soon: support for switching between windows of the same application by scrolling on the application icon in the Unity Launcher and a new Unity style for shutdown dialog boxes.Here’s are a few screenshots with the new Unity shutdown / restart / lock screen / suspend dialog boxes:This change has been implemented by Marco Trevisan and it’s not a new idea – the new Unity-like dialog boxes were mentioned in an old “GNOME 3 System Settings changes” spec. from 2011.With the new design, the Restart entry has been removed from the Session Indicator since when selecting “Shut down…”, there are options to either shut down or restart the computer. However, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea since users will probably look for the restart option in the Session Indicator menu.Also, one thing that I’ve found annoying in my test is that you can’t close the dialogs using the Esc key which, given its design (similar for instance with the lightbox image viewer used on many websites, including on WebUpd8), I would have expected to work, though I may be wrong. But Raring is still in

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