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Can Canonical Rally Its Community for Ununtu Convergence?

Canonical, and the open source Ubuntu operating system it sponsors, seem to be in the midst of a major watershed moment. In the past the Ubuntu world was a disparate one, but it is now finally converging around all types of devices. Whether that convergence succeeds will have a lot to do with the channel. But community opinion also plays a big role, and that may be Canonical’s biggest challenge going forward.
When Ubuntu first appeared in October 2004, it didn’t extend far beyond traditional servers and PCs. At the time, that was a big deal in itself, since the huge following that Ubuntu quickly gained as a desktop operating system was unprecedented within the Linux world. And Canonical enjoyed a lot of goodwill because of it.
Since then, the Ubuntu ecosystem has expanded and diversified tremendously. Canonical has solidified Ubuntu’s connections to the cloud through both Ubuntu One, which serves end users, and Ubuntu Cloud, which makes it easy for enterprises and administrators to roll out cloud infrastructures based on Ubuntu. It has convinced major retailers in some very large markets to sell Ubuntu PCs. And it has sweetened the pot for enterprises interested in major Ubuntu rollouts with offerings such

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