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GNOME 3.8 To Ship With Reworked Folder Icons

The default GNOME icon theme isn’t very popular among GNOME users, mainly because of the default folder icons, which many label as ugly (here’s an example). However, with GNOME 3.8, the folder icons will use different color which attempts to fix this, but is it enough?Jakub Steiner has recently published an article about this, mentioning that “GNOME folder is a result of using the actual beige color that is both the real world folder material and the legacy of Tuomas’ GNOME 1 folder”. But I’d say they look more gray than beige and considering that Adwaita, the default GNOME 3 GTK theme is also gray, this is a bit too much.And it seems Jakub Steiner agrees, at least partially with this, because a recent GNOME Icon Theme GIT commit changes the folder icon to a lighter, more beige / less gray color (which by the way, reminds me of the original Faenza icon theme) as a response to this bug report, to “compensate for the overall greyness of the theme”:Here’s how Nautilus looks like using the GNOME Icon Theme with the new folder icons:What do you think? Are the GNOME Icon Theme folder icons so unpopular because of their

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