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Dell, Canonical Partner on Ubuntu for PowerEdge Servers

The biggest headlines Canonical has made recently have involved its endeavor to “converge” Ubuntu across devices by adding support for phones, tablets and TVs. But in a sign that it remains invested in the server realm as well–and that it is continuing to build a closer relationship with Dell (NASDAQ: DELL)–Canonical has also announced a new agreement to support Ubuntu on Dell PowerEdge servers.
Under this most recent Canonical-Dell partnership, which Canonical announced on its blog March 11, 2013, Dell will now list Ubuntu Server in its Linux OS Support Matrix. Previously, only Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) and SUSE products were included on that short list specifying which Linux variants Dell supports through collaborative agreements with channel partners.
Meanwhile, Canonical will add Dell’s 11G & 12G PowerEdge servers to its database of hardware officially certified to work with Ubuntu 12.04. For enterprise customers, the agreement means a more streamlined support experience, according to Canonical, especially for those who purchase the Ubuntu Advantage enterprise support program that the company offers.
To make the partnership possible, Dell and Canonical implemented several specific improvements to Ubuntu support for PowerEdge hardware. These include better support for SSD devices connected via PCIe interfaces, consistent naming of network devices

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