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New Ubuntu Spinoff Extends Life of Legacy Hardware

It’s easy to assume, from the stunning rate at which OEMs roll out newer and better versions of PCs, phones, tablets and other popular hardware, that few consumers want to hold on to aging devices. But if a new community-based spinoff of Ubuntu named LXLE is any indication, there are those who are, in fact, keen on keeping legacy computers running–even if it means building the requisite software themselves.
LXLE, which stands for “Lubuntu Extra Life Extension,” is based on Lubuntu 12.04, a lightweight version of Canonical’s popular Ubuntu operating system. Lubuntu caters to aging computers, but LXLE brings that focus a step further by promising to maintain support for legacy computers even as Lubuntu abandons the most out-of-date devices.  And it even looks pretty nice doing it:

The new spinoff is also an important resource for Lubuntu fans because the team behind it (who, actually, appears to be only one person) has committed to providing continuous updates for the current LXLE release until Canonical pushes out the next longterm support (LTS) release of Ubuntu. That means users can stick to a single version of LXLE for up to five years without having to upgrade. Lubuntu’s life cycle currently maxes out at

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