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First Ubuntu SDK Days kick off today

Today, 14th March 2013, will be the first day of our first ever Ubuntu SDK Days.
During the event our Ubuntu SDK maintainers and app authors will talk you through how to get started building great apps for Ubuntu.
Let’s have a look at the timetable and see what’s happening today.

15:00 UTC: Keynote – Ubuntu App Development State of the Union – Q&A – Jono Bacon, David Planella and Michael Hall
16:00 UTC: Installing and configuring the SDK – Zoltan Balogh and Timo Jyrinki
17:00 UTC: Writing your first app with the Ubuntu SDK – David Planella
18:00 UTC: Ubuntu Touch Platform Q&A – Gerry Boland and Michał Sawicz
19:00 UTC: Writing games with QML and Javascript – Martin Kaistra
20:00 UTC: Live Update from the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project – Alan Pope and friends

Sounds exciting? It is!
To get a head-start, you can check out our SDK documentation, but you can also just head to http://ubuntuonair.com/ because that’s where all the sessions are happening. We deliberately left a lot of time for questions, so if you have questions coming up during the sessions or have a specific problem you need help with, you can just ask.
Get involved, bring your friends and your questions!

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