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Open Source ownCloud Gains Key Features with New Release

ownCloud, the open source platform for syncing and sharing data, has gained a slew of new features with the release of the latest version of ownCloud Community Edition. From usability tweaks to security enhancements, the tool is now in a stronger position than ever to compete with rivals such as Dropbox in the very tight file-syncing niche.
When ownCloud formed a more than a year ago to support the development of its eponymous product, which until that time had existed only as a community-based open source project–and which, by the way, it still is, with ownCloud providing enhancements and services related to the base platform–the ownCloud infrastructure was pretty good for basic file syncing and sharing. But it lacked many of the advanced features to be a serious competitor with larger commercial alternatives.
ownCloud has gradually closed that gap by acquiring key new features over the last year, but the latest release brings it to the next level in many areas. The full list of enhancements is available on ownCloud’s site, but the most notable include:

A new search engine based on the open-source Apache Lucene platform.
Integration with Clam AntiVirus, also open source, for detecting malicious files stored on ownCloud.
Support for “undeleting” files

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