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Ubuntu SDK Days: Day 2 is just around the corner

We had a spectacular response to the Ubuntu SDK Days yesterday. Lots of people showed up, asked their questions and found out how their app for Ubuntu might work best. Today, Friday 15th March, is Day 2 of the event and we have a great set of speakers lined up for today:

15:00 UTC: Ubuntu SDK Q&A – Zoltan Balogh and the SDK Team
16:00 UTC: Making the best of the Ubuntu App Design Guides – Calum Pringle
17: 00 UTC:SDK Skunkworks projects – Michael Hall
18:00 UTC:Introducing Friends and Gwibber QML – Ken VanDine and Robert Bruce Park
19:00 UTC: Lightning talks / project demos

It’s all very simple. Head to http://ubuntuonair.com to watch the action live, get involved, ask your questions and get to know everybody else.
Also, if you want to demo what you’ve been working on, add yourself to the bottom of the wiki page and we’ll bring you into the last session, our lightning talks / project demos.

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