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Bring Linux Into Your Small Business

Since the release of Windows 8, many businesses and independent contractors are learning that there’s a whole new world outside of Microsoft and Apple that they never considered. Many of these businesses are making the switch over to Linux-based OS. Not just because it’s a more secure system, or because it’s easy to customize, but small businesses do have to watch how much they spend. Since Linux is an open-source program, it is mostly free. As an open-source software collaboration, Linux source code can be used both commercially or non-commercially and doesn’t require you to purchase licensing. Katherine Noyes and Dietrich Schmidt, two writers from PCWorld.com, offer some great advice on how small-business owners can make the switch to Linux on their desktop. If your company relies on a BYOD (bring your own device) protocol, Canonical has just released Ubuntu Touch that could prove beneficial. This allows a version of

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