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Changes in Ubuntu releases decided by the Ubuntu Technical Board

In yesterday’s meeting we covered two of the topics from Mark’s proposal to the Technical Board:
Reducing the length of support for our regular (non-LTS) releases
The rationale here is that it’s costing a lot of time to maintain all those releases for 18 months. It’s also causing a lot of load on the SRU team and on developers to ensure that upgrading from one release to the other won’t cause regressions due to fixes being SRUed only to a few releases.
The change in support length from 18 months to 9 months will reduce the number of releases we need to support in parallel while still allowing enough time for our users to upgrade to the next release.
This change will affect Ubuntu releases starting with 13.04, any older regular release will still be supported for 18 months and LTS releases will still be supported for 5 years.
This change was approved through two votes, the first about shortening the support length to 9 months and the second about doing it starting with 13.04. Both votes had all 3 attending Technical Board members’ approval and had general support by the other members from mailing-list discussions.
Enable users to continuously track the development focus of Ubuntu

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