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Ubuntu Technical Board Looks at Shuttleworth’s Proposal for Release Management Methodology

In this article, the news team invited Rick Spencer, Vice President of Ubuntu Engineering, to comment on the decisions by the Ubuntu Technical Board and how they will impact users.
The Ubuntu Technical Board (TB) discussed Ubuntu Founder, Mark Shuttleworth’s proposal to tweak the release management methodology of Ubuntu releases in its 18 March meeting. Shuttleworth’s proposal was a follow up to Vice President of Ubuntu Engineering, Rick Spencer’s original proposal and also harvest the fruits of the discussion that followed.
The TB is now referring to the non-LTS releases as “standard” releases. This change is in response to feedback that the term “Interim Release” denotes an unimportant release, and recognizes that these releases are in fact, important to many people.
During this meeting the following votes occurred.
The first vote was very crisp: Reduce maintenance period for regular/standard (non-LTS) Ubuntu releases from 18 months to 9 months (starting with release TBD)
What does this mean for users?
This means that users of the standard/non-LTS releases will have three months after the *next* release to update. So, if you are a standard/non-LTS user expect to upgrade to the next release about every six months, with a three month grace period if you can’t upgrade for

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