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First Community Leadership Meeting Summary

This week we had our first Ubuntu Leadership Meeting. The goal of the meeting is to bring together representatives from the different governance boards to provide an open field to discuss challenges and opportunities in the community. In this week’s call there was Elizabeth Krumbach (Community Council), Laura Czajkowski (LoCo/Community Councils), Sergio Meneses (LoCo Council), Randall Ross (LoCo Community), and Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Community Manager).
In this week’s session we discussed a few interesting topics. We first discussed the recent technical board decision around the regular release proposal, from Mark Shuttleworth. Our primary concern was ensuring that we can get the message out about the decision to the many different parts of our community from the core, out to end users. Elizabeth took an action to post to the community announce list, and Jono agreed to post to internal Canonical mailing lists, our social media networks, and to talk to the OEM and Web teams to ensure support change is reflected.
We also discussed the documentation team, who are currently struggling to keep up with maintaining docs in Ubuntu. Helping to resolve this issue seems multi-faceted: helping to bring on more admins for the team, increasing the number of volunteers, and improving

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