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Ubuntu/Mint Fixes and Tips: Custom theme, Software sources, dpkg, Ugly fonts, Brightness, Low graphics, and others.

Sometime we face common problems in Ubuntu, which can be easily fixed and you can save your Ubuntu from reinstall. So today NoobsLab decided to write about some fixes, which are common and many people face that problems on daily basis.

1) Fix: GTK custom theme(Metacity) in Ubuntu 12.10/13.04 for Gnome Shell

I experienced the same problem with metacity in Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome Shell, I wasn’t able to change metacity theme. So here is the simple fix for you guys. Here is bug reported on launchpad for this problem. If you create (.theme) directory in your home folder then maybe you will face this problem. Now you can fix it by create a link between themes directory.
Open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

ln -s $HOME/.themes $HOME/.local/share/themes

2) Fix: Can’t Find Software Sources
This is known problem in some Ubuntu versions, Ubuntu Software Sources are not available for search or

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