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UDS 13.05: Ubuntu’s second online developer summit

It’s official, UDS 13.05 is coming up next month, marking our second online Ubuntu Developer Summit, and coming only two months after the last one. While going virtual was part of our transition to make Ubuntu’s development more open and inclusive, the other side of that coin was to start holding them more often. The first we put into affect in March, and the second is coming in May. Read below for information about this UDS, and changes that have been made in response to feedback from the last one.
The dates for UDS 13.05 are May 14, 15 and 16, from 1400 UTC to 2000 UTC. We will once again have 5 tracks: App Development, Community, Client, Server & Cloud and Foundations. The track leads for these will be:

App Development: Alan Pope, David Planella & Michael Hall
Community: Daniel Holbach, Nick Skaggs & Jono Bacon
Client: Jason Warner & Sebastien Bacher
Server & Cloud: Dave Walker & Antonio Rosales
Foundations: Steve Langasek

Track leads will be in charge of approving Blueprints and getting them on the schedule. If you are going to be responsible for running a session, please get with the track lead to make sure they have marked you as

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