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Nvidia Releases Linux Graphics Drivers 319.12 Beta With Initial Optimus Support

Nvidia has released a new beta version of their Linux graphics today: 319.12, which includes quite a few changes, including initial Optimus support.Nvidia Optimus is a technology used to increase battery life by switching the dedicated GPU (Nvidia) off when it’s not needed; when the dedicated GPU is off, the integrated graphics chip (Intel) is used. Until now, Linux users could take advantage of this technology through an unofficial project called Bumblebee.The Nvidia 319.12 beta Linux display driver changelog doesn’t explicitly mention Optimus support, however, the following can be found in the release notes: “Added initial support for RandR 1.4 Provider objects with the Source Output capability, which can be used to render the desktop on an NVIDIA GPU and display it on an output connected to a provider with the Sink Output capability, such as an Intel integrated graphics device or a DisplayLink USB-to-VGA adapter”. Further more, the Nvidia 319.12 beta graphics drivers README gives some extra info on the graphics display offloading with RandR 1.4:”Version 1.4 of the X Resize, Rotate, and Reflect Extension (RandR 1.4 for short) adds a way for drivers to work together so that one graphics device can display images rendered by another. This

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