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Easily Install Minecraft In Ubuntu Via PPA Using An Unofficial Minecraft Installer

`Unofficial Minecraft Installer` is a script available in a PPA to easily install Minecraft in Ubuntu and derivatives (Linux Mint, elementary OS and so on).Minecraft is a cross-platform game (requires Java and runs on Linux – including Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Xbox 360) game in which you build constructions from textured cubes in a 3D world. Besides building, the game includes exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat.The Unofficial Minecraft Installer comes with a script that downloads and installs Minecraft (and OpenJDK 7) in Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, an icon created by Cassidy James that should fit perfectly with the elementary icon theme (but not only) and a Minecraft launcher.The Minecraft launcher comes with Unity quicklists for the screenshots folder, texture packs folder and the Minecraft Wiki:Install Minecraft in Ubuntu using the Unofficial Minecraft InstallerThe package in the PPA is a script that connects to Mojang’s servers and downloads the files so there are no actual Minecraft files in the PPA.Before proceeding, please read the PPA description which I’ll quote below:If your computer has issues running Minecraft with OpenJDK 7, then it will have issues running this. Because that’s what this is. I’ve tested this on multiple

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