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Improve Power Usage / Battery Life In Linux With TLP

There are various tweaks that you can apply to your laptop to save battery power, but many of them depend on the hardware, Linux distribution, some are outdated or too hard to apply for regular users and so on. TLP is an advanced power management command line tool for Linux that tries to apply these settings / tweaks for you automatically, depending on your Linux distribution and hardware.TLP applies the following settings depending on the power source (battery / ac):Kernel laptop mode and dirty buffer timeouts;Processor frequency scaling including “turbo boost” / “turbo core”;Power aware process scheduler for multi-core/hyper-threading;Hard disk advanced power management level and spin down timeout (per disk);SATA aggressive link power management (ALPM);PCI Express active state power management (PCIe ASPM) – Linux 2.6.35 and above;Runtime power management for PCI(e) bus devices – Linux 2.6.35 and above;Radeon KMS power management – Linux 2.6.35 and above, not fglrx;Wifi power saving mode – depending on kernel/driver;Power off optical drive in drive bay (on battery).Additional TLP functions:I/O scheduler (per disk);USB autosuspend with blacklist;Audio power saving mode – hda_intel, ac97;Enable or disable integrated wifi, bluetooth or wwan devices upon system startup and shutdown;Restore radio device state on system startup (from previous shutdown);Radio device

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