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How To Install Tiny Tiny RSS In Ubuntu (Google Reader Alternative You Can Use On Your Server)

Since Google will close Google Reader in July, many users are searching for alternatives and there are a ton of services out there, some really good, but I’m sure some of you prefer to use a feed reader you can install on your own server and Tiny Tiny RSS seems to be one of the best.Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based RSS reader that you can install on your server (ideally, but you can also install it on your desktop), that features an Ajax-powered interface, keyboard shortcuts, OPML import/export so you can easily import your Google Reader feeds, article sharing, supports mobile devices, can be extended through plugins and much more.Tiny Tiny RSSTiny Tiny RSS preferencesTiny Tiny RSS is available in the Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 repositories (and you can use the 13.04 deb in Ubuntu 12.04 too – tested and working) so it’s pretty easy to install, but it still requires some configuration to get it running. Read on!Other Google Reader alternatives that you can without having to install then locally (though for Feedly, you need to install a Google Reader / Chrome extension), like Google Reader:FeedlyNewsBlurTheOldReaderNetvibesPulseHow to install and set up Tiny Tiny RSS in UbuntuNote:

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