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Audacious 3.4 Beta 1 Released [Ubuntu PPA]

The first Audacious 3.4 beta version is available for download. Audacious is a fast, lightweight music player which comes with numerous plugins and two interfaces: a Winamp-like interface (it even supports Winamp 2.x skins) and a GTK interface.Audacious GTK interface:Audacious Winamp Classic interface:Changes in Audacious 3.4 beta 1:The old scrobbler plugin has been replaced by a new one that uses the latest Last.fm Scrobbling 2.0 API;The ModPlug plugin has a new preferences window;An alternate sample rate converter plugin has been added;When search terms are too generic, the search tool now shows the first 100 results instead of showing no results as in previous versions;Audtool can now seek with sub-second precision;Album art fetching is done in the background so it doesn’t make the UI unresponsive;New command line option: “–quit-after-play”;You can configure a global hotkey to enable/disable “stop after current song”;You can now automatically remove duplicate entries from a playlist;Repeat only a portion of a song;The playlist columns can now be resized – according to the official changelog, this requires a patched version of GTK3 and will work with GTK3.8 without any patches. In my test, this did work in Ubuntu 13.04 (which has GTK 3.6.4);Other changes and fixes.Install Audacious 3.4 Beta

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